About Us

The idea of BeWilder Threads came to life into my mind when I was a young software engineer with a passion for graphic designs. Raised by a mother in love with fashion, I started to venture into this world too. I loved how the designs appeared on the fabrics and found a way to share my vision with the world using the amazing technologies that were emerging.

going forward

Going forward, we rapidly became a team of software engineers and graphic designers with a passion for fashion. We had our ideas, we had our vision, we knew how we wanted our products to look like. High quality products with beautiful designs about love and affection for people who care for each other. We just needed to share our products and message with everyone.

BeWilder Threads

Through several partnerships we now work with factories all across Europe and the USA who employ 500+ people, allowing our products to have a global reach. We come to work everyday with a smile and the thrill of knowing that we are selling items we have created ourselves.


We Are BeWilder Threads and we hope you love our creations as much as we love designing them for you.